Ruby prepares for ‘Salt Peter’ 25th Anniversary with monthly digital singles

In celebration of the 25th anniversary since the release of Ruby’s debut album, Salt Peter, Lesley will be releasing special, re-imagined versions of the album’s songs monthly until a full album is available in November.

The first track to be released is an acoustic mix to the song, ‘The Whole is Equal to the Sum of Its Parts,’ mixed and mastered by Lesley’s brother, Scott Firth.

The track is now available for purchase on Ruby’s page on Bandcamp, with Lesley donating all proceeds to fight racial injustice.


In Lesley’s words:

Hellooooo lovelies!

It’s been a long time and much has happened since I last produced anything musical. We live in very strange, unsettling and upsetting times. I hope this finds you well, and coping.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been focussing on family and home and, with the exception of a few Pigface outings, my musical life has been a bit on the quiet side.

However, that’s all about to change!! It turns out that the first Ruby album, Salt Peter will be 25 years old this year (who knew??) so what better time to revisit and re-vision it. 

But fuck re-releases! That’s for ‘normal’ people. I’ve teamed up with my brother and favourite collaborator, Scott Firth, to produce brand new versions of all the songs, and we’re joined by our favourite, living Canadian, Henry Faber, to provide us with fantastic new logo and design shenanigans!

We’ll be releasing a new song each month until the anniversary of Salt Peter’s release in November and the first one drops in a few hours (Thurs/Friday night -5th June- midnight PST/8am UK) on Bandcamp.

So happy Friday! Dig in, and in these darkest of days, I hope this new version of ‘The Whole Is Equal to the Sum of it’s Parts’ will lend a wee bit light to your day.

All proceeds will go to help fight the brutality of racial injustice through Act Blue in the US and The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust in the UK.

Scott Firth –
Henry Faber –

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