(Robert Solheim Mix)

Release Date: May 14, 2015
Format: Digital Release (MP3, FLAC)
Label: Fireweed Recordings (self-released)

Producer: Lesley Rankine, Scott Firth
Artwork: Lesley Rankine
Mixed By: Lesley Rankine, Scott Firth
Remixed By: Robert Solheim
Written By: Lesley Rankine


01. Spin (Robert Solheim Mix)



There’s more to life than love, with its pull, drawing
The path is simple, clear and not worth following
Here, waiting for love to arrive, in its tall, dark, handsome frame
Still here, will it ever find me, waiting for my prop to spin

Oh hapless sea, too deep for dredging – too young to die
Oh hapless sea, too wide for dredging – pinball from shore to shore

Weight me with no expectations – load me with no demands
Beach me with no limitations – hold out your hand – hold out your hand

And I’ll wrap my web around you – and never let go
I’ll wrap myself around you – hold out your hand – hold out your hand
hold out your hand – hold out your hand- hold out your hand

And make me spin