Release Date: March 26, 1996
Format: CD, Vinyl
Label: Creation Records

Producer: Lesley Rankine, Scott Firth
Engineered & Mixed by: Mark Walk except “Tiny Meat” mixed by Mark Walk and William Rieflin
Assistant Engineer: Scott Crane
Instruments: Mark Walk, Lesley Rankine
Additional Drums/Raving on “Pine:” William Rieflin
Additional Drums/Guitar on “Flippin’ Tha Bird:” William Rieflin
Bass on “Tiny Meat” and “The Whole Is Equal To The Sum Of Its Parts:” Eric Anderson

Cover Photograph: Matthew Donaldson
Lesley Rankine
Design & Typography: Toby Egelnick
Mixed By: Lesley Rankine, Scott Firth, Tim Holmes
Written By: Lesley Rankine, Mark Walk except “Carondelet” written by Lesley Rankine, Mark Walk, Mark Atkins, Michael Gira, Paul Ferguson

Track 1: Remixed and co-produced by Ceasefire
Track 2: Remixed by Peshay
Track 3: Engineered and mixed by Tim Holmes, remixed by Scream Team
Track 4: Remixed by Red Snapper
Track 5: Co-produced by Lee Hamblin, remixed by Christian Franck and Patrick Forge
Track 6: Remixed by Monkey Mafia
Track 7: Engineered by Keith Tenniswood, remix by S.T.S.
Track 8: Enginnered by Giles Hall, remixed by Tim Brown
Track 9: Remixed by Fila Brazillia
Track 10: Engineered by Ben Mitchell and Justin Underhill, remixed and additional production by Rootless
Track 11: Remixed by David Harrow and Karen Parker


01. Flippin’ Tha Bird (Ceasefire Remix)
02. Salt Water Fish (Peshay Remix)
03. Heidi (Scream Team Remix)
04. Paraffin (Red Snapper Mix)
05. Hoops (Da Lata Remix)
06. Tiny Meat (Meat For The Feet Dub)
07. Heidi (Num Num Remix)
08. Swallow Baby (Tim Brown Remix)
09. The Whole Is Equal To The Sum Of Its Parts (Fila Brazillia Remix)
10. Bud (Rootless Mix)
11. Carondelet (Don’t Fear The Remix)