(The Short-Staffed Remixes)

Release Date: July 17, 2001
Format: CD
Label: Thirsty Ear / Wichita

Written and mixed by: Lesley Rankine, Mark Walk
Remixed by: Dot Allison, Kid606, Bench, Regina Chellew, Eli Janney, Schneider TM, Wauvenfold, Console, Scotty, Max Tundra, Her Space Holiday
Engineer: Beaumont Hannant, Ben Jacobs


01. Beefheart (Dot Allison Remix)
02. Lilypad (Take Me to the Hospital I Am Not a Fucking Frog Remix)
03. Lamplight (Bench And Doufos Parrrtay Mix!)
04. Queen of Denial (Chow Remix)
05. Waterside (Deep in the Void Mix by Aksum)
06. Grace (Space Remix)
07. Beefheart (Wauvenfold Remix)
08. Sweet Is (Loop of the Fruit Remix)
09. Waterside (Scotty Remix)
10. Lilypad (Max Tundra Remix)
11. Grace (Her Space Holiday Remix)